Dead Poet’s Society

So good. So, so good. Never seen such a simple and heartfelt movie before. It’s a really inspiring film to those who really get the sense of it and not think much. So that’s us and not the critics. You won’t find Dead Poet’s Society in any critics top 20, but it has definitely made a place in the heart of a normal people who have seen it. That’s the beauty of it. It’s too simple for the critics to understand. It’s too beautiful for the critics to consider it asa movie. It’s a beautiful, motivational and soothing experience. One that not many films give you now or ever. For those of us who have seen it, know what really makes it enjoyable. Silly Britsh school ? Enthusiastic teens ? Their gimmicks ? No. Of course Robin Williams!! Boy, do we love him. Any role it maybe he fits in perfectly. I can’t think of anyone else playing an open minded teacher in an orthodox institute, trying out innovative methods to teach the students the subject, but more importantly the lesson of life.
But a series of stupid mistakes lead to some unfortunate events and thus to the memorable final scene. Along the film somethings might seem silly or really stupid, but again they just young guys in a school. They’re ought to do stupid stuff. But still. It maybe those kind of things and a bit too weak storyline which don’t make the lot of critics smile. We might even look through some scenes, (SPOILER)like the one where Neil’s parents find him dead.
Use of bagpipes is not common in films, nor was it back then. But somehow the bagpipes seem awfully fitting here. That singular tune of the bagpipes has become a trademark for this film along with Peter Weir’s amazing direction. So, Dead Poet’s Society is must watch for those who seek inspiration and guidance in life to follow their dreams, but more than that, watch it for Captain. RIP Robin Williams.


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