imageInside Llewyn Davis


IMDb : 7.4

RT : 94%

Metacritic : 93

11th Greatest Film of 21st Century – 2016 BBC Culture poll

There have been many tales and films about struggling artists and musicians who finally struck gold an became successful. This film isn’t one of them. Yes, this was a spoiler. But that isn’t important because it is all about enjoying the journey and taking in the slow pace and typical Coen style. The key to making a film around a particular person is all about portraying the character in a definite way and the actor who does it. Similar to Her, they have to show this person constantly and it is necessary that the audience loves to watch him. Oscar Issac rocked it. He has portrayed the irritating and irritable, depressed and desperate, struggling and independent Llewyn Davis so subtly and delightfully, that this film is bound to please the audience who enjoy a simple story.
The Coens tried to put their typical suspense atmosphere in the beginning. That part was not well written and unnecessary. It could have been a simple linear plot but the certain two scenes, one in the beginning and the same in the end looked out of place. But still it didn’t matter much.
The story tackled with many of the problems a person might encounter. Unemployment, failure in whatever they pursue, poverty, no place to live, past haunting him, severe behaviour and relationship problems. It seems weird that all this happens to one person itself. And the thought that he lives through all this while we just wish he kills himself, is unsettling. But what’s a Coen film without unsettling us.
Masterful direction, well written script and dialogue and the soothing voice of Oscar Issac makes it a good experience. This is a tribute to folk music and how bad things were for it in those times.

While often funny and alive with winning performances, Inside Llewyn Davis finds the brothers in a dark mood, exploring the near-inevitable disappointment that faces artists too sincere to compromise” Alan Scherstuhl, The Village Voice.


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