image.jpegAs Good As It Gets


IMDb : 7.7

RT : 86%

Metacritic : 67

Academy Award for Best Actor- Jack Nicholson

Academy Award for Best Actress- Helen Hunt

If you’re looking for a strange and funny romantic drama, this is the one to go to. Delightful characters and definitely fitting in the style of it’s time, the 90s, where all sorts of different topics were covered in different films and they all revolved around love or something. These films are crazy rom-coms but often highly rated. Like this one. Jack Nicholson plays an obsessed customer at a restaurant who also has sorts of OCD. The OCD part is the comic part in the film and so is the acting. But the reason why everyone in the film kind of hates Jack’s character is well defined. So you don’t have a hard time figuring out that one. It’s often heartwarming and real but alongside it sometimes also becomes pretentious and feels like the situation is forced for the next scene. But the story does go a great length and intimacy. But somehow that intimacy is only that of words and actions, and not of the actors. Except Jack and Helen Hunt.
The problem was with handling too. The initial part of the film shows Udall’s hatred towards his neighbor but which uncomfortably dissolves eventually. The uncomfort is of the film-watcher, as the hatred is so developed that the later mild behaviour seems weird. But the best bond in he entire film was that of the dog and Udall. The slowly developing relationship is the one which we truly start to adore. Leaving else aside we are more interested in the dog and the change of his preference. The main story of characters of Jack and Helen is pretty mature but the other plots and parts are not that well shown. You can feel the lack of depth in those. But eventually those disappear as the character of Jack takes over with his powerful performance that bagged him an Oscar. Yes, it was well deserved and yes even Helen Hunt deserved the Oscar.
It is a pretty straight film showing how life takes different turns, whether good or bad, and you can’t always do much about it. It ends on a pretty soft note, as expected, and leaves lots of messages for us to grasp. You won’t get them all as they won’t apply to you. But those which do, you must get, and the film will surely leave a smile on your face.


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