image.jpegMoonrise Kingdom

IMDb : 7.8

RT : 93%

Metacritic : 84

#1 Film of 2012 – Lou Lumenick, New York Post

It’s sleek. It’s style. It’s humane. It’s funny. It’s pretty with a prettier cast. It’s pure Wes Anderson. What else do you want for entertainment ? From the beginning to the end Wes Anderson makes his directorial presence consistently felt. The symmetrical shots, the continues takes, flamboyant sets, hilarious and well written characters and smooth and sund music. What’s absolutely delightful in te film isthe characters and not all are comic. But the way Wes gets relatively big stars to play small roles is just so fun to watch. Ed Norton as a camp scout! And Jason Schwartzmen and Harvey Keitel in small but wondrous roles. So this is how Wes works. With lots of characters, hilarious situations and even more good, unique camerawork. You can recognise a Wes film in an instant.
What bothered me was the reality of the story and the setting of the events. Maybe it was too good to be true. It’s a dream event for young(very young) couples. But filmsfrom certain directors can be enjoyed only if you know what to look for. Like, you don’t look for dramatic reality and cutting dialogues in Wes’ films. You look for camerawork, characters and especially the way of presenting. And also frequently soothingmusic. But for most of the audience, the reality factor tops more than the fun of the film. Even though they enjoy the stupid superhero films, which are way worse in reality factor than they look. Back to topic. So maybe that’s why the ratings aren’t very good on IMDb but are good on Rotten. Proof that Wes rocks.
What else you gonna say? It’s how it works. Extreme detail in set design and character study along with typical oddly satisfying camerashots. It is a good film, not very believable as I said, pretty absurd if you think deeply but worth a watch for watching Wes play tricks with camera on you. By the way i have no idea what the title for this film meant. But it attracted me and the attraction didn’t turn out to unappeal.

“Warm, whimsical, and poignant, the immaculately framed and beautifully acted Moonrise Kingdom presents writer/director Wes Anderson at his idiosyncratic best.” RT.

 “another sprightly confection of oddities, attractively eccentric, witty and strangely clothed” Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian. 4/5




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